Services & Support

Global Support.

You benefit from the support of a global technology centre, a Group composed of some thirty trained IT specialists. The role of these specialists is to identify the breakdown and resolve it, whether it is mechanical or IT-related in nature.

One single point of contact.

If the problem is mechanical, our team will send a specialised technician. We work together with a hundred or so Konica Minolta engineers. If the problem is IT-related, we will immediately contact the IT specialist with whom you usually work, or we will intervene ourselves if we also manage this aspect for you. In all cases, you will have one single point of contact and your problem will be dealt with regardless of its nature.

Even closer to you

We are the orchestra conductors, musicians and sometimes even members of the audience, to ensure the perfect acoustics are achieved: ours is an all-encompassing role!

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    Groupe Connectis

    Hardware and software solutions for printing and document management.

    Global IT asset management specialist for over 15 years: networks, security, infrastructure, emails, etc.

    All types of Internet access and effective VOIP solutions.