Hardware solutions

Durable, efficient and eco-friendly.

We offer high-quality equipment: durable, efficient and eco-friendly. Konica Minolta is the world’s leading colour printing company and is clearly built around an indirect distribution strategy. Manufactured in Japan, Konica Minolta products are robust and reliable, and ensure a long-lasting return on your investment.

The added value of NextPrint Solutions doesn’t stop there.

Service-call requests are managed by the Group’s NOC (Network Operating Centre). Your point of contact is an IT specialist who is able to instantly identify whether the issue is mechanical or technological in nature. A first-line, one-stop-shop, unique on the market. A single point of contact that ensures a comprehensive, faster and more efficient SLA (mechanical + IT) than typical market solutions.

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    Groupe Connectis

    Hardware and software solutions for printing and document management.

    Global IT asset management specialist for over 15 years: networks, security, infrastructure, emails, etc.

    All types of Internet access and effective VOIP solutions.